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Bostwick Cotton Gin Festival

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Did you know that the Southeast’s largest tractor parade is held right here in Morgan County?

Photo Credit : Ryan Johnson

Bostwick, just north of Madison, celebrates its agricultural heritage once a year at their annual Cotton Gin Festival. This year the Festival will be held on Saturday November 3 and the parade begins at 11:00 a.m.

With over 100 tractors on parade and custom cotton wreaths that would put any home decor store to shame (sorry Pier 1), it’s the perfect family outing!

The event will kick off on Saturday, November 3 with the Tractor Parade right through the center of town.

Watching dozens upon dozens of tractors parade through Bostwick is surely a sight to see, but that’s not the only attraction during Bostwick’s special day.

After the parade, it’s the perfect time to browse vendor booths and purchase your favorite cotton wreath.

So how did this celebration of agriculture and community come about?

The festival has been such a successful fundraiser for the town that the building was restored to its former beauty and the celebration grows each year.

With activities for all, the festival is a day filled with excitement and wonder. If you have never seen a cotton gin in person, take it from me, it’s something you must experience!

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Cover image shared by Bostwick Photographer Ryan Johnson
Instagram: @rjohnsonphotos


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