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Madison: Then & Now

Learn more about Madison, Georgia here!

Then & Now Photos, a Facebook page run by Madison resident Patsy Harris, combines photos from the past with what they look like today. Using Photoshop, she merges the two photos taken from the same spot to give as a glimpse at how Madison has changed (and sometimes how it hasn’t!). Take a look at some of our favorite posts from the page and be taken back in time!

1. 179 South Main Street, Madison, GA

Screenshot 2018-06-12 09.59.17.png

“Joseph Martin Hart poses here c1915 in the doorway of his jewelry on South Main Street. He was the father of Ms. Carroll Hart of Madison, who was director of the Georgia Archives from 1964 to 1982. She and her sister, Morgan County Middle School teacher Dr. Josephine Brandon, are lovingly known at the Richter Cottage as the founding mothers of the Morgan County Landmarks Society.”

2. 201 South Main Street, Madison, GA

Screenshot 2018-06-12 10.04.02.png

“As with many old houses in Madison, GA, the c1830 Dovecote House on South Main St. downtown has evolved with the times and its owners. An empty residence now, it was in recent times, a bank. Martin Luther Richter lived here with family and his elderly father in the late 1800s and is probably the person who added the lovely Victorian details. Note in the old photo the lamp over-hanging the street.”

3. New Morgan Hotel on Hancock Street

Screenshot 2018-06-12 10.06.25.png

“This grand hotel was “the largest and leading hotel on the Georgia (rail)road,” built in 1892 as the Turnell-Butler Hotel. Later its name was changed to the New Morgan Hotel. In the wee hours one night in November 1930, it burned to the ground, taking with it the town’s library which had been established in the hotel for several years. Located in downtown Madison, the building took up nearly an entire block. Many folks had apartments there, and two merchants set up shops in the first floor. The third floor had a ballroom.”

4. 108 East Washington Street, Madison, GAScreenshot 2018-06-12 10.10.41.png

“Not many remember the gas station on the corner of Washington St. and Main St. in Madison, GA. Note that cars drove through from one street to the other for service. Mr. Cunningham started his sandwich shop inside, and then closed in the first floor for Ye Old Colonial Restaurant that we ALL remember.”

5. 150 West Jefferson Street, Madison, GA

Screenshot 2018-06-12 10.15.53.png

“Madison’s Carbine Hardware was proudly established in 1880 in a West Jefferson Street building that now houses a home, a couture design studio offering fabrics from all over the world, and a local web design and online marketing company.”

Note: Special thanks to Patsy Harris for all the hard work she puts in editing the pictures and for her insightful captions!

Thanks for reading, y’all!


115 E. Jefferson Street
Madison, GA 30650

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