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Learning & Eating with Farmview Market

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Ever since Farmview Market opened, we have been obsessed with their yummy lunch and breakfast. The locally-sourced grocery and Saturday Farmers Market keeps our kitchen stocked at home and now, with their class offerings, we can learn how to cook and make a thing or two for when they aren’t open for dinner! Mark your calendar for these upcoming events and classes at Farmview!Screenshot 2018-06-12 11.41.37.png

Credit: @farmviewmarket

Farmview Schoolhouse

With classes in wellness, nutrition, hobby farming, homesteading, cooking, gardening, food growing, harvesting, canning and preserving, there is surely something to suit every fancy at the Farmview Schoolhouse! Classes are taught by local teachers, farmers, and enthusiasts and, with every class, you’ll leave with more knowledge and something to take home to your family!

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Credit: Farmview

Tuesday, July 24th 5:15-6:15 PM: Cinnamon Rolls & Cinnamon Raisin Bread: Learning the Techniques

In this evening workshop, you will enjoy learning the technique for making cinnamon bread and cinnamon rolls, using the same basic recipe, but with different preparation processes. You choose between the two for your take-home product, but you will receive recipes and guidance for both preparation techniques. ($28.45)

Tuesday, July 24th 6:00-8:00 PM: Water-Bath Canning: Pepper Jelly (A Make & Take Learning Experience)

Learn the water-bath canning process start to finish in this fun, hands-on workshop led by Morgan County Family and Consumer Extension Agent, Leigh Anne Aaron. As part of our lesson, we’ll be preparing and canning freshly made PEPPER JELLY from local farm-fresh peppers to take home, and learning the entire process of water-bath canning from start to finish. ($25)

Saturday, August 4th 3:00 PM: On the grill: Sausage-Making for Tailgating Season

Spend the afternoon with Farmview Butcher Glen Wellman and his team learning and using Farmview’s step-by-step process of making sausage blends, working with different types of casings and cooking methods with a focus on brats and other sausages well-suited to grilling— just in time for tailgating season! You will take home 2 lbs. of sausage after practicing the techniques of sausage-making in an intimate setting. ($25)

Tuesday, August 28th 5:15-6:30 PM: Easy Bread-Baking at Home: No-Knead Bread

Have you ever longed to make a fresh loaf of bread at home in your own kitchen but were daunted by the labor and time required to knead the dough? Now is your chance to learn how to make this simplified bread at home, with no messy kneading required, so your family can enjoy fresh bread anytime! ($28.45)

Rock House Creamery Tours

Screenshot 2018-06-12 11.38.35.pngCredit: @alcovyffa

Since the 1920’s Rock House Farm has been raising cows and producing dairy products for Morgan County and the surrounding areas. Their products are sold at Farmview as well as used in their Cafe. Rock House Creamery is now scheduling guided tours of the creamery. Get an inside look on how they make all of your favorite dairy products from Farmview! Follow them on Facebook for more information and to schedule a tour!

Upcoming Events

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Credit: Farmview Market

Farmview’s 2nd Annual Southern Classic BBQ Competition:  Enjoy some bbq or maybe enter the contest on Saturday, August 25. For more information, visit here!

Weekly Open Air Farmer’s Market:  Featuring local eggs, meat, fruits and vegetables, as well as, booths with handmade and homemade products. Walk the market while sipping on coffee, listening to live music, catching up with friends, and getting to know the farmers – a true Saturday farmers market experience from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM!


Thanks for reading, y’all!


115 E. Jefferson Street

Madison, GA 30650




2 thoughts on “Learning & Eating with Farmview Market

    1. Hi, Mariah! Farmview Market is open all year, but their open air farmer’s market is open through early fall (usually ending sometime in October); they leave the dates open-ended to allow for varying weather conditions. Farmview Market’s classes also vary but are offered year-round; you can see their class schedule at!


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