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5 Facts You Probably Don’t Know about Madison

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1. In 1937, Madison Residents hosted a “Gone with the Wind” viewing party at the Honeymoon house.

1851 Honeymoon

Peter Walton Godfrey and his wife, Caroline “Carrie” Hardee Godfrey, made it their home starting in 1932.  It was Carrie who gave Honeymoon its enduring nickname in honor of her childhood home in Jacksonville, Florida, which was of similar design and had once hosted a young honeymooning couple. Perhaps Honeymoon’s grandest moment came very early in 1937 when Carrie’s eighteen year old granddaughter, Caroline Candler, invited her Atlanta debutante friends to a multi-day costume party based on the wildly popular new novel Gone with the Wind.  The lavish affair merited extensive coverage in the Atlanta Constitution.

The next owners of Honeymoon were Caroline’s parents, Mary Frances and S. Charles Candler.  Charles was the son of Methodist Bishop Warren A. Candler, who relocated Emory College from Oxford to Atlanta in 1915, and the nephew of Asa Griggs Candler, the founder of the Coca-Cola Company who had bankrolled his brother’s move of Emory.

2. Madison was home to the Georgia Female College, chartered in 1850.

GA Female College
Source: Georgia Encyclopedia

Chartered in 1850, the Georgia Female College was started by the Baptist church as a finishing school for women and opened its doors to 148 students.  During this time, Madison had one male and one female academy, and two female colleges, making Madison a regional center for education. During the Civil War, classes were suspended and the school never fully reopened. The school later burned in 1880.

3. The Dovecote House was at one time the Bank of Morgan County.


Isaac Walker built Dovecote around 1830 for his daughter Cornelia and her husband Jefferson Burney. During the fire of 1869 that destroyed downtown Madison, Dovecote was saved by covering the roof and walls with wet carpets and blankets. In 1895, Martin L. Richter renovated the home, and added the dovecotes in the backyard. Whats a dovecot, you ask? A fancy pigeon house built for the purpose of raising squab for the dinner table!

4. There was once three Drug Stores in one block on the square.

At the corner of Main and Jefferson was the “Corner Drug Store,” then in the center of the block was the “Middle Drug Store,” then two doors down was “Atkinson’s Drug Store” (later Baldwin’s Pharmacy). All three had soda fountains for a fun afternoon treat!

5. Madison was the last town in Georgia to go to the telephone dial system.

Before the telephone dial system, you had to call the operator who would then connect you to whoever you were trying to call! Imagine if we still had to do that with our iPhones!

Note: Stories and facts came from “As It Was Told to Me” by Hattie Mina Reid Hicky. 

Thanks for reading, y’all!


115 E. Jefferson Street
Madison, GA 30650



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