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Cool Treats Around Town for National Ice Cream Day

From Rocky Road to Cookies and Cream can you think of a more scream-worthy National Food Holiday? Did you know that July is National Ice Cream month and this Sunday, July 16 is National Ice Cream day?! Here are a few delicious treats available right here in Madison! First up is our farm to table favorite!

Farmview Market

Farmview DONE
Strawberry N Creme and Bourbon Burnt Sugar from Farmview Market!

If you’ve been to Farmview Market before, you’re well aware of the corner counter of goodness located in the Café.  Farmview’s dessert bar features out of this world cakes, cookies, brownies, etc! But since it’s summer, and we need every excuse to cool off, peek into the cooler and pick your favorite flavor from High Road Ice Cream!

You can’t go wrong with classics such as Strawberry & Crème but if you’re feeling adventurous, try one of their unique flavors such as Lemon Blueberry or Bourbon Burnt Sugar. Each flavor is made by hand by professional chefs!

High Road Ice Cream
Farmview Market
*Farmview is closed on Sundays but stop in during the week to sample!

Scoops Ice Cream

A colorful cone and minty goodness from Scoops!

For years, Scoops has served as Downtown Madison’s “go-to” ice cream spot. With dozens of flavors, two have emerged as favorites for this summer. Kids go crazy for the super colorful Superman ice cream, while adults opt for the caramel chocolate goodness that is Sea Turtle! Another favorite flavor at Scoops is Southern Peach which is made with real peaches. Yum!

Fun Fact: Scoops also has a vintage ice cream truck and is available for special events!

Scoops Ice Cream

Antique Sweets

Antique Sweets is by far #1 in our hearts for all things chocolate. We love them for their homemade confections and handmade chocolate treats!

Antique Sweets DONE
Chocolate Ice Cream from Antique Sweets!

Located right on Main Street, Antique sweets is famous for their Bulldog Bites, which are a combination of pecans, homemade caramel, and chocolate delicious-ness.

Now what if we said you can get that Bulldog Bite flavor in a scoop of ice cream? Would you believe us?! It’s true! Stop in for a scoop of homemade ice cream from Antique Sweets ASAP!

Learn more about Madison’s Antique Sweets below!

Antique Sweets


Be sure to treat yourself to something sweet this National Ice Cream day & thanks for reading, y’all! –




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